Freckle deterministically identifies the elusive in-store consumer and measures how effective ads are in driving in-store visits.


Freckle IOT (, the leading first-party mobile data company, announces the release of its agnostic in-store Attribution Tag and its operational support by the world’s five largest demand-side platforms (DSPs): AppNexusThe Trade DeskMediaMathTubeMogul, and Adelphic. The endorsement by these key channel partners creates the foundation for the fulfillment of Freckle’s mission to provide an industry-standard agnostic verification platform to audit the effectiveness of a brand message to drive a customer to visit a designated location.

Freckle is the only first-party in-store solution in the market today that is also decoupled from the ownership of a buying platform or the selling of media. Freckle does not create, buy or sell advertising – it simply measures it – using a proprietary mobile solution that relies on beacons and other sensors placed both in and outside of desired locations. Freckle’s unbiased approach is enticing to its partners because it ensures trusted delivery of deterministic data to measure effectiveness. With this solution, media companies, trading desks and brands are able to measure – for the first time – precisely how effective they are in driving in-store visits.

“An outcome of the prevalence of programmatic advertising has been the creation of fraud detection and viewability measurement technologies designed to ensure that the ads deployed by DSPs and Publishers reach the people that they are targeting. These tools have become a standard component of the majority of programmatically deployed campaigns. The natural progression will result in the need for similar standardized tools that accurately determine the effectiveness of an ad message in driving someone to visit a store.  At Freckle, we see the Attribution Tag as the answer to this need.” says Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of Freckle.

With its Software Development Kit (SDK) embedded in thousands of applications, Freckle can provide a deterministic one-to-one match on how many people actually went to a location, how often they did so and the duration of time spent in that location. Freckle’s data distinguishes itself from the limitations of bid-stream data of which up to 70% is inaccurate. Freckle’s solution tracks both indoor and outdoor as well as within dense populations allowing brands to map the entire path to purchase.

“AppNexus Console offers advertisers ultimate flexibility to activate their technology partners for digital advertising. AppNexus is pleased to add Freckle to our ecosystem of supported data and measurement partners,” said Pankaj Lakhotia, Director, Product Line Management at AppNexus.

“It is a foregone conclusion that soon no mobile campaign will be executed without an Attribution Tag – similarly to how today the majority of campaigns include a third party viewability metric. We are excited to work with the entire ecosystem to improve the overall transparency and effectiveness of advertising by providing the next iteration of measurement,” adds Sweeney.